Our mission.
Our story.

Thank you for caring about your carbon footprint. This is where we introduce ourselves.

It all started in 2015 when we - this is us, Karim and Christoph - were still in school. We were doing a project on how to lower your carbon footprint and soon found that mobility is a heavy contributor towards the average personal carbon footprint. In our final year (2016) we started ReGreen - an initiative that allows people to calculate and compensate their carbon footprint. We are really proud that we were so far able to win a number of companies as partners.

As flying is the main driver of an average person’s carbon footprint we started the campaign around mindfulflights. With mindfulflights we are on a mission to connect the world more sustainably. We want to give everyone the possibility to take responsibility for their flights and be fair to the environment.

As flights harm our climate it is best if we do not fly at all. If the flight is not avoided we believe one should take care about the emissions she or he creates. With mindfulflights you can calculate and offset your greenhouse gas emissions. With your contribution not only the greenhouse gas emissions are compensated so that you can fly climate neutral but you also support local communities and strengthen biodiversity.

As an example: if you compensate your return flight from London to Vienna for less than 10 € you are protecting 160 square meters of Amazon rainforest, help provide renewable energy in India and enable clean drinking water for three people in Bangladesh. Please note that offsetting contributions are legally the purchase of emission reduction certificates stemming from our climate protection projects, these are no donations.

As of now, we are not in school any more but study and run mindfulflights. We’ve grown to 6 people in our team and established mindfulflights as a GmbH which is the equivalent of Limited in Austria. mindfulflights now is a purpose driven social business with the mission to solve the climate crisis through entrepreneurial spirit.

Be part of our mission to connect the world sustainably.

Support our mission now by flying climate neutral.