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To stop climate change everyone of us is only allowed to emit 1 ton of CO2 per year. However a return flight from Paris to New York already emits around 3 tons of CO2. Compensate your emissions now to reduce your carbon footprint.

Our Mission

Support our mission to connect the world sustainably. Mindfulflights is an initiative by students to solve the climate crisis. By flying climate neutral you protect the Amazon rainforest, enable renewable energy in India and provide clean drinking water in Bangladesh.
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Thank you for caring about your carbon footprint! We are the initiators of With our platform we want to help you to be more mindful about the flights you take. Get to know your emissions with our calculator and see how to lower your carbon footprint. Join us on our mission to stop the climate crisis and connect the world more sustainably.
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Our climate
protection projects
Your contribution enables three different climate protection projects at one time. The projects reduce the amount of greenhouse gases your flight emits and let you fly climate neutral while having a strong social and ecological impact. Your compensation = 3 projects supported at one time
For every compensated ton of CO2 350 square meters of Amazon rainforest are getting protected and new trees are planted
Forest Protection Peru
The amazon rainforest is decreasing in size by one million soccer fields every year. With your contribution you stop illegal deforestation and plant new trees. Every ton of carbon compensated protects 350 m² of amazon rainforest.

Project location: Tambopata, Peru
For every compensated ton of CO2 8 people in India are able to access clean energy
Renewable Energy India
95 % of worldwide energy demand is met by non-renewable energy sources. Your contribution makes wind energy possible in India and prevent the construction of coal power plants. Every ton of carbon you compensate helps 8 people to receive clean energy.

Project location: Dhule, Maharashtra, India
For every compensated ton of CO2 5 people are being provided with clean drinking water in Bangladesh
Clean Drinking Water Bangladesh
More than 2 billion people lack access to clean drinking water. You are giving access to clean drinking water by providing people with an WHO-approved instrument that measures UV-light levels to determine when the water has been disinfected by the sun. Wood no longer has to be burned as the sun has disinfected the water which protects the local forest and animals. Per compensated ton of CO2, 5 people are provided with clean drinking water.

Project location: Sarankhola, Bangladesh
See more of our project in Peru:
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Lisa flew climate neutral from
London to Rome for 7 €
Calculate your flight’s emissions:
Lisa flew climate neutral from
London to Rome for 7 €
Calculate your flight’s emissions:
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Our FAQ:
Carbon Offsetting reduces the exact amount of emissions your flight produces. The reduction happens by our climate protection projects like reforestation and cutting down on coal powered plants. By that you are able to fly climate neutral.
Our data is provided by the british environmental ministry (DEFRA), it takes into account the class you’re flying in and also accounts for the radiation factor which depends on the height emissions are emitted.
All of our climate protection projects are certified through independent third parties as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Vienna University of Natural Resources and the CCBA Standard. Underlying techniques are approved by the World Health Organization. The certifications guarantee that the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is validated thoroughly.
For our climate it would be best to not fly at all. If possible use the train or other sustainable forms of transportation. If you decide to fly take direct flights, book economy class and inform yourself what the airline does to reduce fuel consumption.
mindfulflights is an initiative by a team of students from Vienna, Austria. We have started our project 4 years ago in school and are running it now besides our studies. Our vision, shortly said, is to connect the world sustainably.
mindfulflights has decided to set a minimum of 6,50 € per flight compensation. A smaller amount would suggest that short flights are not as harmful to our climate but exactly those would be substitutable by other, more sustainable means of transportation. But no worries - we compensate more than your flights emissions to make up for it in those cases.
Yes, although not profit-orientated mindfulflights is an Austrian GmbH (Limited) run by students.

As we are not profit-orientated we only cover our running costs. Our goal is to create ecological impact therefore we didn’t receive any salary in the first years running our climate initiative.
Offsetting contributions are the purchase of emission reduction certificates stemming from our climate protection projects, these are no donations. Your purchase of emission reduction certificates is essential to enabling our projects, reduce emissions, secure wildlife habitat and create jobs in the project regions.
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Make your journey matter,
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